Fed by a lifelong passion for sharks, Rob Stewart debunks stereotypes of sharks as bloodthirsty, man-eating monsters and reveals the reality of sharks as pillars in the evolution of the seas. Sharkwater takes you into the most shark rich waters of the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption surrounding the world’s shark populations in Costa Rica and Ecuador. Stewart teams up with renegade conservationist Paul Watson and their unbelievable adventure together takes them from a battle with poachers and gunboat chases, to corrupt court systems and attempted murder charges, forcing them to flee for their lives. Through it all, Stewart discovers these magnificent creatures have gone from predator to prey, and how they could easily be wiped out within a few years due to human greed. His remarkable journey of courage and determination changes from a mission to save the world’s sharks, into a fight for his life, and that of humankind.

Positive results:

Since itʼs release in 2007, Sharkwater has spawned several conservation groups including Shark Savers ( and has helped change Government policy in 6 countries. Over 90 countries have now banned shark finning and recently, Rob Stewartʼs online network campaigned to support successful bans on the import, sale and possession of fins in Hawaii, Guam and Saipan in the CNMI. Similar shark fin bans are gaining legislative support in the US States of California and Washington, and in Pacific countries including the Philippines.

The work is far from over as the fight to save sharks is more important than ever. In fact, the largest number of sharks ever caught on record was in 2009, two years after the filmʼs release. With ocean conservation at the forefront of the environmental campaigns, Sharkwater and Rob Stewart are reaching new audiences as the conservation movement grows.


Other Achievements:

Winner of 35 International Awards, Sharkwater continues to screen at Festivals and events worldwide. Sharkwater broke box-office records in Canada and is the second highest grossing documentary of all time.


M3C 2A2

Director/Producer: Rob Stewart

Cast: Rob Stewart, Paul Watson, Dr. Erich Ritter, Susan Backlinie, Godfrey Merlin, Mark Butler, Dr. Boris Worm, William Goh, Vic Hislop, Dr. Samuel Gruber, Rex Weyler, Carlos Perez Cembrero, Patrick Moore, Lisa Anastario, Larissa Gilligan

Tel: +1 (416) 445-0544
Fax: +1 (416) 445-2894


Twitter: @teamsharkwater


Non-Profit DVD Availability:

Sharkwater Productions Inc allow non-profits and schools to screen the film for educational purposes free of charge, however any requests for donated copies should be forwarded to our offices at for consideration. Generally, we suggest that groups purchase a DVD and donate it to schools or libraries after screening.

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By Jason Peters

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