Films That Make A Difference!

A project set up in collaboration with Wildeye, Brock Initiative,, the American University’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking and Filmmakers for Conservation (FFC), the ‘Films That Make A Difference’ database aims to assemble an online directory of effective conservation films. This will be will be available as a catalogue of examples of films that have made a difference and those that have attempted to do so. The database can then be used by anyone looking for models for their own productions, for proof that film-making can make a difference, and it will hopefully lend strength to potential funding applications etc. The films may have been used in many different ways: on TV, on the internet, shown locally and/or to influential people/politicians and so on.

The database is currently split into 4 categories:

1) FILMS THAT HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE – Films that have been documented or otherwise proven to have made a real and tangible difference to a conservation issue.

2) FILMS THAT HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE – Undocumented or unproven but made about an issue that has found a degree of success.

3) FILMS THAT HAVE A CONSERVATION/ENVIRONMENTAL MESSAGE OR THEME – Good conservation films that will have raised awareness of an issue but no conclusive successes known.

4) FILMMAKERS WHO HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE – This category includes filmmakers and organisations that have made a significant contribution to conservation film making over time: Collectively, their films have made a difference!

We invite you to share information about your films that have made a difference. Each film entry will have:

  • a paragraph describing the production
  • a list of the positive results
  • contact details
  • online weblinks, if available
  • still photo(s) from the production

To participate, please send in your film info’ to the project manager:

The directory is a user friendly database of profiles containing information on films that have proven effective in creating change in any conservational issue. Individual filmmakers and productions companies globally can provide information about their films to the directory, which is online and available for all to read. In return, those who wish to make conservation films can refer to the directory for guidance and evidential support that films do make a difference! Participating films can be of broadcast quality or captured on a small miniDV camera and edited on your home computer. Quality of production is not priority – Effectiveness is key.

Showing the truth on some minority channel is not the answer. Showing it where it counts is.
Richard Brock, The Brock Initiative.

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